Friday, December 30, 2011

Bila boleh tidur nihhhh

Dah sebulan lebih susah nak lelap..patutnya musim hujan ni senang jer nak tidur but pukul 3-4 pagi still tak boleh tidur...adeh...kadang ada malam langsung tak boleh tidur...macam mana ni...uwaaaaa

Sunday, December 25, 2011


If someone were to ask me what my new year resolution is, I would say, I just want to be happy!

well hello there

Let's see here whether I still remember how to update my blog after leaving it for soooo long...nearly a year, yes, a year...ok here goes...


It works!

Well, it seemed at that time that I won't but I actually miss my blog especially lately when I need a place to rant. And I don't want to use my facebook for that since my real life friends are there and twitter is not enough heheh, and, maybe I do need this blog as my health seemed to be deterioting this year, and my english, too. So here's hoping I'll be updating my blog more after this...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nobody knows

I shouldn't have let myself think...that's how I've survived all this not letting myself think...and now that I am I can't seem to shake myself out of it...I've been having headache and migraine because of this, losing sleep because of this...and so again I need my blog as a place to ease my pain...since I can never talk about this...and I don't know how...and I don't have anyone to tell anyway...

Patah hatiku
Membawa derita
Merajuklah diri
Merajuk diri
Tak tentu haluan

Patah hati ku
Membawa derita
Merajuklah diri
Merajuk diri tak tentu haluan

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've had It

Akhirnya aku meletup hari ni...some people can be real b****h...bila ada menda yang tak puas hati mengamuk, bila nak marah sound orang macam org giler...tak pandai nak jaga perasaan orang lain...mentang2lah kita ni bukan jenis yg suka membalas kata2 orang senang jer orang nak buli kita tapi kali ni memang tak tahan...

Kisahnya aku baru masuk balik keja minggu ni pastu kena sound sebab keja tak beres katanya...well hello, aku tak datang keja seminggu ada sebab, bukan saja2...yelah menda tak kena kat ko...bukan mak ko yang meninggal senanglah ko nak melenting mengamuk macam orang giler...minggu sebelum tu pun aku on off keja sebab arwah mak aku nazak apa ko ni tak faham ke...boss tak bising pun ko tu apa hal...hari ni dia buat lagi and suddenly I had it...aku menjawab and berlakulah perang dunia ketiga but aku lari tempat lain lepas menjawab tu...aku ni penakut sebenarnya dan bukan jenis yang bising2...dia ikut aku sebab terkejut kot aku menjawab...selama ini aku mengalah je...pastu aku pegi sembunyi tempat lain boleh gitew...then aku ciaooo...dengarnya dia dah pengsan2 tadi...wahhh cover baekkkk least orang tak sanggup nak marahkan dia kan...sib baik aku ada course for 3 days starting from tomorrow...takde mood aku nak tengok muka dia tu...

So that's it...the day I finally mengamuk pegi layan orang tak betul aku pun jadi tak betul...adehhhhh

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm writing this with tears falling down my passed away last's been hard but I'm coping with this grief as best that I can...

semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya...amin.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Adam Lambert Experience

Yessss I went to his concert and yes I was blown away by his captivating self, his powerful and haunting vocals, his endless energy, his superb showmanship...hahah I think you get my drift...I can go on and on and still there's simply no words to describe how amazing he is to me...

Actually when I heard that he would be performing here, I was sort of resigned to not being there...I knew that there's no chance in hell that I could go to this show...what with my mum being very sick, there's no one to accompany to go to KL, no friends in real life who is also a fan of adam, bla bla...but thanks to my cyber friends who forced me to go and my real life friends who were willing to sacrifice their precious time for me, I finally took the plunge and went and I'm so glad I did!!!

I did take some pics with my crappy phone but they didn't turn out so well so won't be putting them here...but there's a lot of pics and videos online that I've been enjoying these couple of days...

I decided to go after getting a text message from my friend in KL asking me whether the plan was still or not...hahah I sort of beg him to go with me even though he has never been a fan of adam and I thought I couldn't go anyway...and by that time I was overwhelmed by stress and that's it...I texted a good friend of mine asking her to accompany me to KL and since she didn't want to watch the concert, confirmed with the friend at KL and then bought the tickets online...hahah who would have thought...

So the day itself when smoothly until I got the news that there was an urgent meeting at the time I was supposed to get off from work...that totally freaked me out hahah...went to see the boss and made some sort of excuses which were all true but I did omit some important thing such as the reason that I need to go to KL hahah and since she didn't ask hahah...

So went home and then fetched my friend at her took about 2.5 hours for us to arrive at our hotel and then waited for KL my friend to fetch me...wahhh he was soooo late and by the time he arrived I was like Oh God we're going to be so late and feeling so fed up already hahah...but after a nail-bitten hour in the car (for me but not for him heheh) we finally arrived...yeahhhhhhh and adam didn't start yet...yesssssssss oh yessssssss

And then finally there's adam lambert in all his was so surreal, felt like I was dreaming. In fact the whole first set felt like I was dreaming and I sat there in a trance I think hahah couldn't quite take it all in...but by the second set I was my self again and started to really enjoy the show, I mean reaaaaalllly, reaaaaalllyyyy enjoy it...Fever was great, it set the mood for the whole show for me and I think he was his best with Sure Fire Winners and If I had You for the fast numbers...I love all his slow songs especially Soaked. Goodness he was sooo amaaaazing with Soaked and then Sleepwalker and of course Broken Open and Aftermath...He changed the arrangement a bit for Whatya Want From Me and it was still great though I prefered the original version.

And then for encore we got Mad World and 20th Century Boy ...woww boy got some pipe there...and by this time I was like Oh please don't let this end, please don't let him go, I still want him here hahah...yeah sad I know hahahahha...and then its finally over...walked to the car in a daze and still in a daze for a few days hahaha...even now I still feel I'm dreaming the whole thing...

After watching him live all I can say is his voice is out of the world, I now have a crush on him and I want to watch him all over again! Adammmmmm I lurvvvve youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hahah

All the excellent pics and videos are not from me...all credits to them pls :)

Set list

For Your Entertainment
Down the Rabbit Hole
Ring of Fire
Whatya Want From Me
Broken Open
Sure fire Winners
Music again
If I Had You

Mad World
20th Century Boy

P/s: Wah panjangnya post...malas ah nak edit..hentam jelahhhhhh

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mamat ni nak datang Malaysia katanya

Yessss!!!!!!Adam Lambert is coming to Malaysia!!!! Eh eh sebenarnya dah lama tau dia nak datang tapi sebab kebarangkalian boleh pergi tu teramatlah tipis, nipis, tirus dan sewaktu dengannya, malas ler nak sexcited pasal menda alah ni...but today I found out that there is a possibility for me to watch the concert and I pun apa lagi...rasa nak yabedabeduuu semua, walaupun still cannot buy the tickets selagi my friend belum betul2 least there's a still a chance...kannnnnnnnn...

Hmmm, tadi masa nak post I dah berkobar2 not to use bahasa rojak but still I use jugakkkk...walaupun dulu masa bergiat dalam bidang bahasa ni I bukan main lagi mengutuk sapa2 yg merojakkan bahasa but now that I'm just a coolie gomen, things change...sedey dengan diri sendiri sebab macam tak tetap pendirian. But one thing for sure, I will not use bahasa sms/bahasa pelat/bahasa urban ler konon yang memang I cannot accept contohnya macam sihat jadi chat (wtf), ok jadi k...dan sebagainyalah...I boleh jadi tensen baca bahasa macam niiiiiiiiiiiii...

And satu lagi, nampaknya semua fans I dah lari...yelah, setahun sekali update blog sapalah nak masuk sini, ekeke...tapi kan i noticed masa I post about mek adam lambert itu hari, ramai omputih masuk sini, ekekeke...mesti dia orang pening nak baca bahasa fonen tak fonen, rojak tak rojak omputih campur melayuuuu nihhhh...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reunion ler sangat

So malam ni ada reunion kawan2 lama sekolah rendah dulu. And being anti-social like always, I just cannot relate to these kinds of events. Lagipun sekolah zaman Jepun dulu, sapa ler boleh ingat member2 lama tu...wah macam berlagak gitew...but seriously, I'm so not into these kinds of gathering. But sebab nak mengambil hati kawan yg organize this event, kang merajuk tak pasal2 and cakap I sombong ke apa...terpaksalah tunjuk muka. I memang takde niat langsung pun nak pegi but tiba2 dalam pukul 8.40pm dapat call from kawan lama yang paksa suruh pergi so I had no choice terpaksa ler pegi dalam keadaan terpaksa.

And sampai kat sana I was in the car like 3 minutes forcing myself to get out of the car sebab ramai sangat orang kat depan tu...:( And memang tadi I felt so small and wish I could just disappear bila semua sibuk tanya about spouse semua...and one more thing semua orang cakap I nampak lain sangat, which is the polite way of saying wah gemuknya ko, macam I have no choice but to makan jusmate after this...

The moral of the story: jangan sibuk nak pegi gathering2 macam ni kalu badan dah naik macam belon and when you don't want to hear all the usual questions...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I will not forgive nor will I forget

Nampaknya macam trend pulak kan...biler sakit hati ke, sedih ke, baru sibuk nak update blog luahkan apa yang terpendam kekdahnyer...masalahnya I memang tak ingat I ada blog masa tengah happy, bila sedih haaaa baru teringat eh eh ada blog rupanya...

So this week berlakulah perkara yang betul2 menguji kesabaran dan menyeksa has been a few days but I'm so mad that this stupid thing made me lose my sleep and made shed a few tears...not a few, but berbaldi2 dah...and it made me realise how some people memang penuh dengan kebiadapan dan kebinatangan...

Don't think I will ever's hoping that the healing will begin so that I can get on with my life...